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Bathing Beauties

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

I was about 5 years old when my Grandmommy put an orange in the center of the our dining room table and taught me how to draw a sphere with charcoal on paper. I knew in that moment, I was an artist.

My father's mother was a professional artist, Dorothy Bennett, and my childhood memories are filled with the smell of her studio, her creative energy and definitely the first art lessons she gave me. In our childhood home, we had 4 little paintings of hers hanging in our bathroom. I am blessed to now have her original paintings displayed above my dad's laser machine in my art studio, always my inspiration.

To honor my grandmother, I've recreated these beautiful images using metallic paints and laser cut paper in layers of resin. The original set of paintings are pink and light blue, so the "Classic Set" of "Bathing Beauties" use those colors and has painted white edges.

I also offer this collection with a custom color option. It has been so much fun to get your bathroom pics and have custom color consults!

These collections were offered first in the Fall of 2020. I am deeply grateful to all my family and friends who placed orders. It was so meaningful to share this piece of my childhood with you and then to see how these pieces are also meaningful to you, makes me so honored to share this with you. Thank you. xo

Would you like to order a set for you or a gift for someone else?

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